COVID-19 information

latest update: 16/06/2020

Phase 3 of the WA Government’s recovery roadmap has been in place since Saturday, 6 June. This is the date from which contact football can resume, although there are still certain restrictions which must be followed.

Please see Football West’s detailed information here.

Physical Distancing

• Social distancing is paramount – Football West’s message is: “Get in, train, get out”.
• Please do NOT arrive more than 15 minutes early and leave straight after training.
• Parents/Spectators cannot enter the training area and where possible are to remain in the car during training.
• Please leave your bag if you bring one to the session in the marked areas. Water bottles are to be left on markers to reduce gatherings.
• Full contact games and activities now allowed, but please follow 2sqm rule whenever required to line up or between activities.



• We urge all players, guardians, coaches, and volunteers to download the COVIDSafe App.
• All coaches and participants are to clean hands with alcohol-based rub pre- and post-training.
• Please use the bathrooms as little as possible.
• No shared equipment except for footballs. Only coach/team manager to touch field markings like pop-up goals/cones/poles by hand.
• Clean all shared equipment pre- and post-training with appropriate cleaning products, comprising spray-on disinfectant and antibacterial wipes with an active chloride ingredient.
• If you are feeling unwell, you must stay at home.


Training and Education

• Recommendation of all BSA members, coaches undertake COVID-19 Infection Control training at
• Records of coaches/ team managers of COVID-19 training will be maintained by BSA.
• Aim to have all volunteers, team managers and coaches download the COVIDSafe app and ensure it is active.


Responding and planning

• The BSA must maintain a hard copy list of all program session attendees, so we need to sign in everyone.
• If you are aware that someone with a case of COVID-19 has attended a session, call the COVID-19 Public Hotline 24/7 on 1800 020 080 and follow the advice of health officials. (A Covid clinic is located in Broome, please call ahead)
• Where a person attending is displaying COVID-like symptoms or shares information (e.g. they have been in close contact with someone that has the virus) that causes you to have reasonable concerns about their health and the health of others attending then:
o Keep others away from the person,
o Seek advice and assess the risks
o Ensure the person has safe transport home or to a medical facility if necessary
o Close the affected areas until they have been cleaned and disinfected
o Assist public health to identify close contacts in attendance, Review risk assessment
o Complete deep clean as directed under Football West overall guidelines and contact Football West for further information and support.